The Exciting Adventures of Flat Cailey
February 05, 2008

Flat Cailey is in town for a few weeks, visiting from Lawrence, Kansas. Flat Cailey looks just like regular Cailey, only she's flat so she can travel via US Mail. She got here last week and will be staying for about a month.

Today was the second day since New Year's that it wasn't pouring down rain, so Flat Cailey and I hit the town, going all over the City taking pictures and seeing the sites. It was a lot of fun, and we got a lot of interesting glances.

So you know, Flat Cailey is laminated paper, which I glued to some foam board. I take this figure with me and snap pictures for Cailey's project back in Kansas. I took about 100 photos today, and will be sorting through them shortly. Most of them look like a poor effort at PhotoShop, wherein someone attempted to paste a cartoon figure over a dramatic background. However, if you look closely you can see my hand in many of them so you know we were both there (meaning, Flat Cailey and I).

The nice thing about living in San Francisco is you can walk around photographing a cardboard child and no one thinks much about it.