Stinson Beach
February 17, 2008
Today we went to Stinson Beach in North Marin. Trying to capitalize on the recent good weather, we decided to head up and take the dog for a stroll in the sand. Dogs are like kids; they come unglued when exposed to wide open spaces. Despite the cold and foggy weather we encountered, we did have a good time and the dog got good and stinky, sandy and overall beachy.

If you've never been to Stinson Beach, the drive while scenic and pleasant, is incredibly twisty and turny. Even the most hardened car goer and get a little queasy. The dog puked. So, when we got back, we cleaned the dog, cleaned the car and ourselves.

By the way, when you pass a sign that says, "Next Gas 26 Miles" as your fuel light comes on, turn around. Stinson Beach - 2008-0217-DSC_0116_3089 Stinson Beach - 2008-0217-DSC_0114_28710 Stinson Beach - 2008-0217-DSC_0143_13346 Stinson Beach - 2008-0217-DSC_0066_28690
tags: suki