Weekend in Mendocino
March 02, 2008
Today we got back from a great weekend in Mendocino. We drove up Saturday in Vince and Ana's new BMW X3. We went for the Whale and Wine Fedtival, hoping to do wine watching and whale tasting...wait, switch that. Anyway, we did sample wines from about 15 local vitners from around Mendocino County, most of whose wines were quite tasty. Last night we spent the night on the pacific shore at the Harbor House Inn in Elk, Califonia. The inn was quite quaint and charming, with excellent food and amazing views. The picture below is from our bedroom overlooking the cove.

Today we were supposed to go on a whale watching boat trip, but the unusually rough seas cancelled all tours. We went to the coast to spot migrating gray whales, but only saw surf and sea lions. It was a great trip nonetheless. Its great how removed, remote and relaxing it can be just going a few hours outside of town. Mendocino - 2008-0301-DSC_0437_59547
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