Two Tall Buildings in Hong Kong
July 08, 2012
When I was in Hong Kong two weeks ago, I made a point to visit a few of the more impressive skyscrapers that adorn the skyline. My hotel happened to be next door to the International Commerce Center, the currently-reinging Tallest Building in Hong Kong. For $15, you can ride up to its 100th floor observatory for breath-taking views over Kowloon and Victoria Harbor. Photos are a challenge because of the angled, double-pane glass makes which makes reflections almost insurmountable. The photo below of the ICC was taken from the 8th floor patio of the second tallest in building, the International Financial Center No. 2... Hong Kong - 2012 - 2012-0624-DSC_3037
The International Commerce Center in Kowloon. Hong Kong's Tallest Building

Later that afternoon I took the metro over to Hong Kong Island and stopped by Two International Finance Center, the previously-tallest building also attached to a very nice mall and the Four Seasons Hotel. I didn't go up to their observation deck, but there are several patios off the mall that afford nice views of the Kowloon side. The photo below was taken at night from the Kowloon side overlooking Victoria Harbor. Hong Kong - 2012 - 2012-0626-DSC_3093
International Finance Center Number 2, Hong Kong's 2nd-Tallest Building

I did not take the tram to the top of Victoria Peak, which I somewhat regret. I got a late start that night and there was some confusion about the time it closed, so I left that for a another visit (though I did go there in 2007).

Update: The ICC stands 1,558 feet tall, while the IFC is 1,364 feet tall. Rather than parrot a bunch of genuinely interesting statistics about Hong Kong's tall buildings, I'll instead refer you to this entry in Wikipedia.

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