A Stormy Night in New York City
July 26, 2012
It was unbearably hot and humid today, until a massive thunderstorm blew through around 7:30PM. I ran to the roof to grab a few photos before the heavy stuff came down. The ISO is a bit too high in these photos resulting in a lot of noise, but the sky was pretty amazing. Thunderstorms over NYC - 2012-0726-DSC_0308_80355
Looking North from our rooftop in Chelsea
Thunderstorms over NYC - 2012-0726-DSC_0313_34285
The Beatrice on the left and the Empire State on the Right
Thunderstorms over NYC - 2012-0726-DSC_0327_113689
The Empire State from the 39th Floor Elevator Lobby

Update: The editors at Flickr saw this photo and Tweeted it to their 200,000+ followers and put it on the Flickr homepage. The photo got over 5,000 views in one day.