After the Storm
October 30, 2012
Hurricane Sandy came through New York last night, and the damage was far worse than expected. Most of New York City is without power, and the flooding in Lower Manhattan and the Lower East Side is unprecedented. Winds and rains were less severe than forecasted, but it could 4-5 days until power is restored, and a week or more until the subways are running again. We were fortunate to not lose power, one of only a handful of buildings south of 39th street. Our internet service went out, but came back quickly. We are extraordinarily lucky that for us, the storm was not more than an inconvenience, but for many friends there will be challenging days ahead. The damage to New Jersey and coastal communities in Long Island is breathtaking. We've rolled out the welcome mat for showers, power and some television. Thanks for the well-wishes and inquiries, and hope anyone reading this in the area fared similarly as well.

The City is still eerily dark and quiet. I took this from our roof tonight. From our building south, there's very little electricity until you get to Brooklyn in the far background. Lights Out in Flatiron
New York City: dark and getting darker