Thanksgiving in Hawaii: Lanikai Beach & the Pillbox Trail
November 19, 2012
We're spending the Thanksgiving holiday in Hawaii visiting our friends John & Carey who live in Kailua on Oahu, and to see our friend Matt also in Hawaii visiting family. We'll be on Oahu for a few days then heading over to Maui for Thanksgiving, then back to Oahu on Friday. We're trying our best not to make our plans overly ambitious, but there's a lot to do, see and eat here. Our first day we had a huge Hawaiian breakfast, followed by a hike up the Pillbox Trail and a visit to Lanikai Beach.

The Pillbox Trail goes up a steep ridge to a couple of abandoned World War 2 lookouts called "pillboxes." The trail is steep but short and affords terrific views of Lanikai and Kailua. Lanikai Beach is consistently ranked among the top beaches in the world and for good reason. After our hike, we lounged around the beach for a while, had an afternoon snack of poke and then headed into Waikiki for sunset cocktails and a big steak dinner for someone's birthday.

So far our trip to Hawaii is off to a great start. The scenery speaks for itself, so enjoy the photos. Overlooking the Mokes - Part III
Overlooking Lanikai Beach from the Pillbox Trail
Hiking the Pillbox Trail - Part II
Looking up the peak of the Pillbox Trail
Hiking the Pillbox Trail
John, Jessica & Carey taking a break on the Pillbox Trail
John in the Wind
John leans into the wind on the Pillbox Trail
John Jessica and Carey atop the Lanikai Pillboxes
John, Jessica & Carey atop the highest pillbox
Carey & John Atop the Pillbox Trail
Carey & John atop the pillbox
Jessica & Kris Atop the Pillbox Trail - Wide
Jessica & Kris atop the pillbox
At the Pillbox Summit
Windy group photo atop the pillbox
At the Pillbox Summit - Part II
Windy group photo atop the pillbox
The View of Lanikai from the top of the Pill Box Trail
The view from the top
Overlooking the Mokes - Part II
The view from the top
Overlooking the Mid Pacific Country Club
Looking over the Mid-Pacific Country Club
iPhone panorama of Lanikai Beach (photo by Jessica Chiang)
Kites and Gliders over Kailua
Radio-controlled gliders sailed past the peak
Jessica Descending the Pillbox Trail
Jessica eases down the steepest part of the trail
Jessica on Lanikai Beach
Jessica celebrates a safe arrival at Lanikai Beach
Lanikai Beach
The world-famous Lanikai Beach
Lanikai Beach - Tall
The world-famous Lanikai Beach