Thanksgiving in Hawaii: A Few Waikiki Favorites
November 21, 2012
This is my tenth trip to Hawaii. By now I've done all of the traditionally touristy things (a few times), and have developed a short list of favorites. These aren't necessarily the best things to do or even worthwhile, but they're a few of my favorites. Lately I've been focusing on the food in Hawaii, which continues to get more and more amazing during each visit. If you follow me on Instagram, there's a better and more detailed account of Hawaii's terrific food. Waikiki Beach
One of Hawaii's biggest cliches: the wonderfully crowded & campy Waikiki Beach
The ABC Store in Waikiki
The ubiquitous ABC store, purveyors of all things Hawaiian
The Moana Surfrider
My favorite place in Hawaii: the Moana Surfrider Hotel
The Royal Hawaiian Hotel
A great place for drinks: the Royal Hawaiian Hotel
The International Market Place
The International Marketplace is full of kitschy crap, but still fun
The Moana Surfrider Mai Tai
The Moana Surfrider Mai Tai: the best Mai Tai in Hawaii
The Mai Tai at the Royal Hawaiian
The Royal Hawaiian Mai Tai: the second best Mai Tai in Hawaii
Jessica at the Royal Hawaiian
Jessica and an empty Mai Tai glass
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