It's a Snowy Day at Newark Airport
December 29, 2012
We had a 2:50PM flight out of Newark today, a second attempt after our Christmas flight to Kansas City was canceled on December 21 (you don't have a lot of options when that happens). Because of a pending snowstorm, I changed our flight to 9AM in hopes of departing before the storm. We barely made the flight due to unbelievably long security line, but rolled out around 9:15. By 9:30 we were back at the gate due to a maintenance issue, and by 10:30 this flight was canceled. We quickly rebooked to our original 2:50 flight, but with snow coming down harder and harder, its anyone's guess.

Complicating matters there's no bar in this terminal, and we have a dog who only planned on traveling a few hours. Christmas in Kansas - 2012-1229-KPK_4004
This plane hopes to go to Baltimore later today; many other flights have already been canceled